Persepolis Rising – James S. A. Corey

There is a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote about, while not being able to remember every book he ever read, much like all the unremembered meals of his life, the books similarly nourished him. It is, frankly,  a little uplifting to think about it in these terms, particularly for those of us who go through loads of books. I of course, do not remember them all and every now and again I go back to one when enough time has passed between my originally reading it and the present moment. I sometimes find those books pretty worthwhile to return to.

I am not sure that is the case with Persepolis Rising. Between my reading it and my writing this review, a whole lot of life happened in the mix. It was a very tiring period of my life, and when I finally got around to writing this review I for the life of thought that I couldn’t recall much about this book. There were maybe a handful of plot points I could recall, but that was about it. So I popped open the google machine and I looked up the book. The synopsis I found didn’t give me much of a feeling of illumination. It felt like a bit of a let down. I did remember the book. It just wasn’t worth remembering all that much.

The seventh book of The Expanse series picks up much further down the line from the other books. The cast of characters we have come to know is much older, but not in anyway that matters much to the story. As I got to the end of the book, I wasn’t sure why this choice was made. And I am still not.

I am not sure about many of the choice the authors made. Not just with this book, but with this whole series. The authors seems to constantly make choices that I just don’t care about. Expanding the Winston Duarte facet of the story just didn’t make much sense to me. I really only got into these stories with Cibola Burn, which I still hold as the best one in the series.  I wish they would have taken the series in that direction a little more – more mysterious alien tech, more mysterious alien planets, and the political intrigue burning to the sides of that.

Again, I really wasn’t sure what the authors were trying to do with this book, but it felt way too much like they were going for an “Empire Strikes Back” feel with this. They succeeded, but it is just something we have already seen before that I am not sure why they would bother.

I am going to continue with this series. At this point, how could I not? But I am starting to feel I will be pretty happy to be done with it.


Frankly, I have no idea. And I am happy this way.

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