Tiamat’s Wrath – James S. A. Corey

I am actually hoping to be very terse with this review. I once thought that reviewing a longer series would be a good idea, but as I got on with this one I felt that there were diminishing returns. Frankly, I am not entirely sure I will say anything worth reading here, but I still want to wrap this up for completion’s sake. Largely, I think I expressed most of my sentiments regarding this series in all the previous posts.

Tiamat’s Wrath is the eight book in the The Expanse series. I have in the past described the series as being one that contains Standard Intrigue® – there is personal drama, political drama, action, and aliens. Nothing actually felt all to world changing with this series. Tiamat’s Wrath is the installation that picks up the pieces from the previous edition’s upset.

This book felt like the authors were moving a whole lot of chess pieces in a very long ongoing game, in order to perform some obscure finishing move that is meant to wow us all. Or perhaps, this is better told through an anecdote. Several years back a friend tried to get me into Magic: The Gathering. he invited me to play with himself and another friend. said other friend, proceeds to do something that involved taking more turns than the rest of us and eliminating me from the game in very few moves. All the while he did this, he kept telling me that if I understood what was going on I would be really impressed. I asked him ‘If I understood what was going on, would I be enjoying myself?’

At the end of it all, I really only came to care about one of the plot threads in this massive story, and it is the one that seems the most over-promised and the most under-delivered. Frankly, I don’t think it bodes well for the coming book, but considering that the book was due in 2020, and it is now overdue, maybe there is hope.

But I am not holding my breath.

Frankly, I have no idea. And I am happy this way.

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